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Kiinns is a Foodtech startup introducing the world’s first system that eliminates the need to clean food processing equipment after use
Kiinns’ system maximizes food-safety, minimizes environmental impact and significantly reduces operational costs in the food manufacturing and food serving industries.


Food Safety Risks

Equipment's hygiene is highly dependent on the cleaning quality and may suffer from insufficient cleaning leaving residues of bacteria, food allergens and even chemicals from the cleaning process itself - all may lead to severe health risks for the consumer

Environmental Impact

During the cleaning process water is heavily wasted and detergents and organic waste flow to the sewage systems polluting the environment

High Operational Costs

Cleaning of processing equipment is costly and complicates production scheduling and operations

What We Do

Kiinns' patent pending technology completely eliminates the need to clean food processing equipment by smartly isolating the equipment from being in contact with the processed food

Maximum Value for the Food Industry
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Better Food Safety
  • Detaching hygiene level from cleaning process
  • Every food processing cycle starts fresh:
  • No residues of bacteria, allergens or cleaning materials
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Positive Environmental Impact
  • No water waste
  • No use of detergents
  • No organic waste
  • Kiinns’ solution is fully biodegradable
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Less Operational Costs
  • Less resources
  • Less operational hassle
  • Less production line idle times

Industrial Use

Our system solves some of the biggest problems the food industry is facing with regards to food safety, environmental impact and operational costs

Domestic Use

Kiinns completely eliminates the need to clean food processing appliances after use, reducing allergen and bacterial risks and lets you enjoy more free time and less hassles around your kitchen

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Ehud Furman

PhD Physics, Technion

40 years of experience in R&D, projects and executive management

Tzvika Furman

B.Sc Mech. Engineering, Technion

20 years of experience in R&D, projects and business management

Advisory Board
Meir Menachem

Former CFO –
Strauss Group

Dr. Ran Suckeveriene

PhD Polymers, Technion

Group leader of the Laboratory of Polymers, Composites and Nanocomposites at Kinneret Academic College, Israel